Meet Batch 2

Throughout the selection process, 500 Startups looked for companies with seasoned teams that have a solid track record of working together while disrupting large markets in the United States and Latin America through highly scalable products and services. This batch makes up the top 4% of applicants. 44% of the startups are women-led, 84% of the founders self-identify as Latinx, and they represent FinTech, HealthTech, HRTech, MarTech, SportsTech, Transportation & Logistics, and Travel sectors.


A mobile app to help millennials get answers from verified doctors.


A SaaS helping SMEs do their accounting by automating the processing of financial information and reporting.


An API service that solves legal compliance for the registration of guests with a reliable and easy to integrate tech infrastructure on a global scale.


A marketplace for freight companies to handle shipments from posting to payment in one place.


Create highly optimized mobile landing cards and grow your business.


A mobile app that offers nutritional monitoring and results tracking for gyms to distribute for their members.


A labor marketplace that connects understaffed food & beverage and hospitality operations with qualified industry professionals.


A mobile app to help amateur golfers improve their performance and experience with a different way to track their scores.


An app administered credit card that grants access to the formal financial system to the young people that have been left out of the traditional banking.