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A one-day seminar on intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship as it relates to developing new products and services

corporate innovation. 

Applications are currently closed. 

Meet Your Instructor
Mar 11, 2021

Richard has worked directly with hundreds of startups throughout his career. During his time at 500 Startups, he has been the lead instructor of the 2020 Miami Growth and Singapore Global Launch programs, three founder bootcamps, and taught at our San Francisco flagship, Mexico City, 2019 Miami and various corporate accelerators. Prior to 500 Startups, Richard was an internationally experienced business leader as a consulting partner at PwC and consulting executive at Cisco Systems.

During the digital seminar corporates will learn what works and what doesn't work as it relates to:

  • Developing internal intrapreneurship teams

  • Identifying and working with external startups

  • Nurturing new products and services with capital and information