A multi-phased approach to help startups reach the next level of scalable and repeatable growth

growth program. 

"We are now not only in Colombia and Mexico, but also in Peru and Ecuador, [with] 7x number of consultations. We were ready for this thanks to the program." - Javier Cardona, Co-Founder of 1DOC3, 2019 Miami Growth Program


Phase 0: Application & Interview

Jun 15-28, 2020

Phase 1: Sales Acceleration Method

Pre-seed stage startups: Jul 13-17, 2020

Post-seed stage startups: Jul 27-31, 2020

Phase 2: Guided Coaching

Aug 10-28, 2020

Phase 3: Best Practices + Investor Night

Nov 2-13, 2020

Who is this program for?

Founders of tech enabled startups that have already launched but have not yet found Product Market Fit.

How does the program work?

Startups that apply and are accepted into Phase 1 are not guaranteed to participate in Phases 2 and 3. Top performing startups from each phase are invited to continue on through the program based on specific criteria. See below for a description of each phase.

How much does it cost?

Participation is free of cost. There are no program fees and no equity is taken no matter what stage a startup makes it to. (If Phase 3 takes place in person, any travel and lodging expenses are the responsibility of the startup.)

How do I apply?

Applications are now open. Apply here by 11:59pm EDT on Jun 28, 2020.

Phase 0: Application + Interview

Applications close at 11:59pm EDT on Jun 28, 2020

We welcome tech enabled startups across all industries to apply. Startups interested in the program must fall into one of following two categories when completing their application:

  • Pre-seed stage company: Has only raised funds from angels or friends and family, or has raised no outside capital

  • Post-seed stage company: Has raised funds from institutional investors

Application Process:

  1.  Submit your application prior to the deadline

  2.  Selected startups will interview with the 500 Startups team between Jun 15 - Jul 1

  3.  Startups selected to participate in Phase 1 will be notified by end of day Jul 3

We will review applications on a rolling basis. The earlier you apply, the sooner you'll know if you have made it through to the interview sage.

Phase 1: Sales Acceleration Method

Pre-seed stage startup batch: Jul 13-17


Post-seed stage startup batch: Jul 27-31

All lectures and office hours will take place virtually

500 Startups will use the following criteria to determine which startups will be selected to join Phase 1:

  • What your company does, how big the addressable market is , and how much traction you have

  • The secret sauce that makes you unique, how you make money, and your team dynamic

Phase 1 is designed to help startups refine their growth plans. Accepted startups will participate in a five-day intensive training that will cover:

  1.  The Nine Levers of Growth 

  2.  Target Customer Segments

  3.  Value Proposition by Target Customer Segment

  4.  Buyers by Target Customer Segment

  5.  How to Reach Buyers by Target Customer Segment

  6.  What Story to Present to Buyers by Target Customer Segment

  7.  How to Activate Buyers by Target Customer Segment

  8.  How to Create, Run and Track Growth Experiments

Deliverables are assigned at the conclusion of every lecture so startups can put what they learn into practice. Startups work with resident mentors to complete their deliverables. At the conclusion of the five-day training, startups will have a complete deliverable workbook outlining their plan to accelerate growth.

Phase 2: Guided Coaching

Aug 10-28 for all selected companies

All growth meetings will take place virtually

Top performing companies from Phase 1 will be selected to join Phase 2. 500 Startups will use the following criteria to determine which startups from Phase 1 will be selected to join Phase 2:

  • Understanding of the Nine Levers of Growth and how each part of the Sales Acceleration Method is addressed

  • Completed deliverable workbook

  • Team dynamic

Phase 2  is designed to push startups to rethink their operating assumptions via rigorous experiments.  Accepted startups will participate in three (3) weekly Growth Meetings with their assigned resident mentor. They will use this time to set weekly goals, define growth experiments, review results, and receive coaching on the performance of their growth experiments. At the conclusion of the three weeks, startups will have a log detailing each of the growth experiments that they ran and how they performed.

Phase 3: Best Practices + Investor Night

Nov 2-13 for all selected companies

If permitted by local authorities, all lectures, office hours and Investor Night will take place in-person in Miami

If not permitted by local authorities, all lectures office hours and Investor Night will take place virtually

Top performing companies from Phase 2 will be selected to join Phase 3. 500 Startups will use the following criteria to determine which startups from Phase 2 will be selected to join Phase 3:

  • Successful implementation and tracking of at least three (3) growth experiments during Phase 2

  • Percentage of user and/or revenue growth during Phase 2

  • Team dynamic

Phase 3 will provide the best of the best startups with the polish they need to propel forward and attract funding. Accepted startups will participate in a 10-day training that will cover:

  • How to raise money

    • ​How to find investors, what story to tell them, how to negotiate with them, and how to legally set up your round

  • Marketing

    • Marketing channels, how to write marketing content, and referral based marketing

  • Sales

    • Prospecting, qualification, and how to close a sale

500 Startups will also provide accepted startups two opportunities to interact with potential investors:

  1. Investor night on Nov 11 will convene potential investors and Phase 3 startups under one roof to facilitate  introductions

  2. Phase 3 startups will film a two-minute pitch that will be shared among 500 Startups' network of investors via a digital demo day on Nov 12 (see our Batch 26 digital demo day which attracted 1,100+ accredited investors)

“The program was a terrific experience and a great value for our business. Highly recommended for all high growth startups." - Matias Rivera, Founder & CEO, Fanatiz, 2018 Miami Growth Program